Digging Down the Roots

– An exploration of feet, legs and pelvis


This workshop will explore the relationship between the feet, legs and pelvis. The feet are the foundation of the temple of the body. It is essential to develop awareness of the feet in order to bring vitality and strength upward through the legs, pelvic floor and pelvis. Using our feet well can be likened to how a tree digs its roots down deep in order to grow tall and spread its branches wide. Digging down our roots, brings a buoyancy and lightness to the upper body allowing it to expand, stretch, turn and twist.


We’ll begin learning anatomy to help establish an understanding of some of the bones, joints, muscles and facial connections in the feet. Starting with simple practices, we’ll bring awareness to how we use our feet and learn how to activate “pada bandha”. Slowly we’ll move to more complex postures integrating these skills as we revisit familiar yoga postures with newfound somatic intelligence.


Our philosophical theme will be “beginner’s mind”, which brings newness and inspiration to our formal practice on the mat as well as in our daily lives.


See you on the mat!

Elisabeth Welsh


Digging Down the Roots​

Datum: 19 november 2022

Dag: Lördag

Tid: 12.00-15.00

Plats: Sigtunagatan 8

Lärare: Elizabeth Welsh

Pris: 500 kr

Grundkurs i mindfulness
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