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About Atmajyoti Yoga

We at Atmajyoti Yoga are here for you who want to live more in your heart. Here our teachers teach ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, pranayama, mediyoga, meditation, mindfulness, yin yoga and restorative yoga.


We offer:

  • Yoga classes around the country
  • Online yoga through our own platform for convenience and accessibility.
  • One of Sweden's most prestigious yoga teacher training programs for those who want to deepen their knowledge and become certified yoga teachers.
  • Workshops to explore different aspects of yoga practice.
  • Retreats both in Sweden and abroad to deepen your practice and relax in beautiful nature.
  • Private lessons in yoga for a personalized and tailored experience.
  • Meditation consultations to help you develop and deepen your meditation practice.
  • Medical yoga therapy to support your physical and emotional health through yogic practices.


As of spring 2023, we have left our premises on Sigtunagatan in Stockholm and expanded our services around Sweden. No matter where you are, you are welcome to join our community and explore the path to inner peace and well-being with Atmajyoti Yoga. A warm welcome to us! 

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