Get your groove on! Funky Fridays

Groove is the world's easiest dance class, where your way is the right way. Together we dance to music of different styles and genres, from meditative movements to songs that get the heart pumping. We unite in different movements, while exploring our own way of moving and expressing ourselves to the music. That it feels good is the focus - what it looks like is unimportant! Together we create a permissive climate for dance enjoyment and interaction. The goal is for the class to fill you with the joy of movement, harmony, and increased conscious presence. We dance with no complicated choreography, just simple steps, playfulness and community. No previous experience is needed. The class is led by Ina Schuppe Koistinen and Helena Hansson.

Get your groove on! Funky Fridays

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Get your groove on! Funky Fridays

Dates: 2 Sep, 7 Oct, 4 Nov, 16 Dec

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Day: Friday

Time: 17:45 - 19:00
Place: Sigtunagatan 8

Teacher: Ina Schuppe Koistinen & Helena Hansson

Price: 200 kr

Early Bird spring semester 2023
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