MediYoga therapy

At Atmajyoti we are three MediYoga therapists, Viveka, Göran and Ulf, who work to hold MediYoga classes and also MediYogatherapy. Mediyoga therapy is for those who have a special problem that you want to address, it can be psychological as well as physiological e.g. stress problems, sleep problems, heart fibrillation, high blood pressure, back/neck problems, anxiety and depression.


MediYogatherapy is done so that we meet once for a longer (1.5-2 h) therapeutic conversation, through the conversation the therapist designs your personal yoga and meditation session that we end by doing together. Then you do your yoga program at home for 6 weeks when we meet again for a reconciliation (1 h).


MediYoga® is a Swedish-developed therapeutic yoga form that is explored, proven and used regularly in Swedish healthcare. MediYoga is regulated, quality assured and methodized. The practice is characterized by daily dosing over a given period of time by practicing a combination of conscious breathing, soft calm movements, concentration techniques, relaxation and meditation. MediYoga® can be performed by anyone and requires no prior knowledge, everyone can exercise at their individual level. You do not need to be sick to use MediYoga as a tool/form of exercise, but can create better health, harmony and well-being in everyday life even as healthy.


There is currently no doubt that yoga and meditation produce several positive medical effects. In Swedish research at MediYoga®, the results have shown good effects on stress, back, heart and sleep problems, high blood pressure, pain, anxiety and anxiety.


During a MediYoga® – Therapeutic Session™ we jointly review your situation through a therapeutic conversation where, from a medical and holistic perspective, we try to identify causes and connections to current imbalances. The aim of the session is to gain an increased understanding and an individual approach at a level so that you can train at home to influence your own self-healing and balance.


A certified MediYoga Therapist has undergone all the training steps of the MediYoga Institute where the therapist follows a clear conversational structure and ethical guidelines.

Read more about mediyoga research here.

Mediyoga therapy

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MediYoga therapy

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