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About Atmajyoti Yoga Stockholm


We at Atmajyoti Yoga in Stockholm are here for you who want to live more in your heart. Here our teachers teach ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, pranayama, medical yoga, meditation, mindfulness, yin yoga and restorative yoga.


My name is Viveka Blom Nygren and I am one of the first to start a yoga studio in Stockholm 22 years ago. In 2005 I started in Vasastan and from 2013 I have had a studio on Sigtunagatan 8 in Stockholm. Nowadays I rent different studios in Stockholm but also around the country. No longer running my own studio gives me more time and energy to immerse myself in yoga and work with our teacher training programs. Now I also hold more workshops and retreats.


We at Atmajyoti Yoga honor the yogic tradition. If you have questions about the origins of yoga and the ancient texts that describe yoga - not only the physical positions but also yoga as a way of life - ask us!


The team at Atmajyoti Yoga: 


  • Viveka Blom Nygren, specialized in pranayama where we practice different breathing techniques that have a great impact on the body and mind. Is also a hatha teacher, medical yoga therapist and meditation and mindfulness teacher.


  • Alexandra Wijkman Donovan, highly appreciated teacher in hatha yoga with many years of experience. Gives flowing classes with music and themes that help us come home in ourselves. Sandra is also a shamanic healer.


  • Elizabeth Welsh, approaches yoga like no other. With a poetic eye, she helps us understand yoga in depth. Here you will find classes where you can delve into anatomy and technique and find stillness within yourself. Elisabeth Welsh teaches in English but understands Swedish.


We offer


Yoga for who?

  • At Atmajyoti Yoga, everyone is welcome whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi. Here you will find classes, courses and workshops for those who are just starting to explore yoga and for those who have been practicing for a long time and want to go even deeper.
  • The most important thing in yoga and meditation is loving kindness. Listen to your body and follow your needs.


A warm welcome to us at Atmajyoti Yoga. Take a look at our calendar to see what's coming up. And feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


We teach at Atmajyoti, click on any of us to read more.


Viveka Blom Nygren
Viveka Blom Nygren

Viveka Blom Nygren founded Atmajyoti Yoga in 2002, and has been running Atmajyoti ever since. She has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 1998, but came into contact with yoga during pregnancy in 1990. Viveka is certified by the Yoga Alliance and continues to educate herself in yoga. Viveka currently practices mostly pranayama, meditation and Hathayoga/MediYoga. Viveka teaches MediYoga, Hathayoga, Pranayama and meditation and she also does corporate assignments and holds retreats. She teaches on our yoga trips. Viveka is a certified Pranayama teacher after a 3-year Pranayama training at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Lonavala India, where Sudhir Tiwari and Sri O.P Tiwari were her teachers. Viveka is also a MediYoga therapist after 2 years of studies at the MediYoga Institute. Furthermore, Viveka is a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher after a 2-year training with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, a training in collaboration with and developed by The Awareness Training Institute
and the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley.

Sandra Wijkman Donovan
Sandra Wijkman Donovan

Alexandra Wijkman Donovan or Sandra as she is most commonly called found yoga when she lived in New York in the 1990s and has continued to be inspired and developed in yoga for the past 16 years.

Yoga was part of a theatrical education that Sandra attended and for the first time in her life she felt she had found an practice that brought peace, peace of mind and a deep sense of togetherness.

Sandra has held several yoga classes with the Intergral Yoga Institute , NYC, YogaWorks 200 Hours, Tantra Flow Yoga with Jeanne Heilemann 500 Hours and Radiantly Alive, Bali.

She feels a strong calling to convey yoga's fantastic opportunities to find our way home to ourselves and an inner calm, but also to the fact that in the small influence our world was to a better and more harmonious place.

Her classes vary but usually have a flow of music, alignment and a theme during practice.

Sandra also teaches yin, restorative and hatha but Vinyasa Flow is what has been and is her calling.

The last two years Sandra has also trained in shamanic healing so her heart is also passionate about our earth and all its creatures, such as humans and animals."

Elizabeth Welsh
Elizabeth Welsh

I was born in New York, and started my career as an associate art director at New York Magazine. Fell in love with a Swedish man, changed countries, made Sweden my home and raised my family here. In 2002 I began to practice yoga. Fell in love again, another major life change. I left design and begin to study and teach yoga.


Yoga pulled it all together for me; my fascination for the human body, a psychological approach to life and a method to turn inward, finding stillness, a space of deep listening.

My intention as a teacher and in my yoga classes is to weave all these aspects into a seamless, conscious flow. We Build a strong foundation for the physical practice through alignment and technique. We begin to be more present, more alive and aware of our bodies and how we move in them. Working with the body, we become aware that we also have a mind. And just as we discovered unconscious tensions and holding patterns in the body, we begin to see how our beliefs, perceptions and how we define ourselves, hold us back and limit our lives.


Practical, user-friendly guidance to become familiar with and begin to integrate meditation and mindfulness into our practice, as well as our lives. Stillness and silence give us space for contemplation. A container to hold, investigate and maybe bring understanding to whatever comes up as we practice.


How do you know your yoga is advancing? Are you happy? Are you using all your gifts, talents and abilities in a way that enhances your life and all those in it? What happens on the food, is a portal, a way in; The real magic of yoga is in it's potential to transform your life.


My first teacher was Viveka Blom. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I am also very grateful to Karin Freij and Hanna Staaff who gave me a strong foundation of yoga's multi-faceted methods during 3 years of study in the tradition of Krishnamacharya. Other teachers that I will never tire of being in the room with include Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Sarah Powers, Richard Freeman, Ron Reid, Marla Meenakshi, Dena Kingsberg and Petri Räisänen.


Elizabeth is a 200 hr certified teacher with Yoga Alliance, and a certified Yin Yoga teacher through Sara Powers.

We are changing the payment solution on the site. In case of problems with bookings, please email us at info@atmajyoti.se
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