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Viveka Blom Nygren

Viveka Blom Nygren founded Atmajyoti Yoga in 2002, and has been running Atmajyoti ever since. She has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 1998, but came into contact with yoga during pregnancy in 1990. Viveka is certified by the Yoga Alliance and continues to educate herself in yoga. Viveka currently practices mostly pranayama, meditation and Hathayoga/MediYoga. Viveka teaches MediYoga, Hathayoga, Pranayama and meditation and she also does corporate assignments and holds retreats. She teaches on our yoga trips. Viveka is a certified Pranayama teacher after a 3-year Pranayama training at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Lonavala India, where Sudhir Tiwari and Sri O.P Tiwari were her teachers. Viveka is also a MediYoga therapist after 2 years of studies at the MediYoga Institute. Furthermore, Viveka is a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher after a 2-year training with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, a training in collaboration with and developed by The Awareness Training Institute
and the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley.

Elizabeth Welsh

I was born in New York, and started my career as an associate art director at New York Magazine. Fell in love with a Swedish man, changed countries, made Sweden my home and raised my family here. In 2002 I began to practice yoga. Fell in love again, another major life change. I left design and begin to study and teach yoga.


Yoga pulled it all together for me; my fascination for the human body, a psychological approach to life and a method to turn inward, finding stillness, a space of deep listening.

My intention as a teacher and in my yoga classes is to weave all these aspects into a seamless, conscious flow. We Build a strong foundation for the physical practice through alignment and technique. We begin to be more present, more alive and aware of our bodies and how we move in them. Working with the body, we become aware that we also have a mind. And just as we discovered unconscious tensions and holding patterns in the body, we begin to see how our beliefs, perceptions and how we define ourselves, hold us back and limit our lives.


Practical, user-friendly guidance to become familiar with and begin to integrate meditation and mindfulness into our practice, as well as our lives. Stillness and silence give us space for contemplation. A container to hold, investigate and maybe bring understanding to whatever comes up as we practice.


How do you know your yoga is advancing? Are you happy? Are you using all your gifts, talents and abilities in a way that enhances your life and all those in it? What happens on the food, is a portal, a way in; The real magic of yoga is in it's potential to transform your life.


My first teacher was Viveka Blom. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I am also very grateful to Karin Freij and Hanna Staaff who gave me a strong foundation of yoga's multi-faceted methods during 3 years of study in the tradition of Krishnamacharya. Other teachers that I will never tire of being in the room with include Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Sarah Powers, Richard Freeman, Ron Reid, Marla Meenakshi, Dena Kingsberg and Petri Räisänen.


Elizabeth is a 200 hr certified teacher with Yoga Alliance, and a certified Yin Yoga teacher through Sara Powers.

Ulf Wallgren

"You can choose to live your life as if NOTHING is a miracle or as if EVERYTHING is a miracle."


Albert Einstein, Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1879-1955.


Those words are at the heart of what yoga has come to mean to me. Yoga helps me open up my heart and face the outside world every day. Being in balance in my own body creates a calmness that opens up new meetings and new impressions. Every time, I'm amazed at how amazing life is. Yoga brings me joy and lust for life.


That is what I want to convey as a yoga teacher to the participants in my classes and workshops in Mediyoga which is a therapeutic form of yoga that aims to create balance within you, both physically, as well as mentally and emotionally. MediYoga is today taught extensively both at yoga studios and in healthcare.


The first time I came into contact with yoga was with Göran Boll, founder of the MediYoga Institute in Stockholm. I sought balance in life to my hectic profession as a presenter of Rapport och Aktuell on Swedish television. Before that, I had tried a couple of different yoga forms and meditation but found nothing that suited me. I was in dire need of unwinding and after much if and but finally understood that you could not only have fun at work but also have to find moments for recovery and let your body heal.


There on the yoga mat, my life changed. I learned the basics of MediYoga, the media outlet, and some exercises that immediately took effect. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was in control of my body again. It was the beginning of what eventually led to me leaving my presenter job in 2017 and starting a new life at the age of 62.


Today I am a graduated MediYoga teacher step 2, and a certified instructor in MIMY, (mindfulness and medical yoga) at the MediYoga Institute, and further educate myself as a MediYogatherapist under the leadership of Pär Krutzén. I have worked as a teacher since 2015, work at MediYoga Center Stockholm and other studios as well as in Friskvården at Sveriges television, Sveriges radio and Utbildningradion. I travel around Sweden at companies, organizations and yoga studios and lead yoga classes and lecture about my journey and MediYoga. I also arrange yoga weekends and yoga weeks both in Sweden and abroad.


In addition to my 40 years as a journalist at newspapers, radio and television, I have a bachelor's degree in political science and, in addition to yoga, a passion for still photography, literature, music, France and people.


The life we have been given is a mystery and a joyful gift – it is we ourselves who decide how we can live it fully with all our hearts.

Please follow me on my website www.ulfwallgrenyoga.se, on Facebook, Ulf Wallgren Yoga and on Instagram.


Marie Androv

Marie is a mindfulness meditation teacher trained for Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, mentor Christiane Wolf through UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. She has also undergone Mindful Self-Compassion Intensive for Chris Germer and Kristin Neff.


As a MediYoga therapist, Marie has for several years been responsible for the continuing education in MediYoga at Depression at mediYoga institutet, Stockholm, where she has also been director and led classes in the mindfulness and mediyoga method, both at the Institute and companies, now under her own direction. She has immersed herself in pranayama and conscious breathing and is also Ayurvedic lifestyle coach trained for Dr Sangeeta Balaprakash in Sweden, Dr Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute, USA with an internship at Kerala Ayurveda Hospital and work experience from hospitals in India.


Marie has 10 years of experience as a communications manager at KTH and previous career as a journalist in Washington D.C, as well as program coordinator for Central Asia and East Africa at SIDA, and has lived in Kyrgyzstan.


Marie has developed the method Self-Back in depression, exhaustion and anxiety. Self-back integrates Breathing, Ayurveda, MediYoga and Mindfulness. She offers Self-Back as a program course for both private individuals and companies. Marie lectures, receives for individual consultations, holds courses, workshops and retreats in mindfulness meditation, breathing, and educates in Ayurveda and education for mindfulnessguide, which she developed.


Balance for the whole person is the guiding principle of my practice. I strongly believe that every human being knows best what is right for himself. My intention as a teacher is to create a safe place to allow and explore things as they are and cultivate compassion.


For over 15 years I have studied and practiced mindfulness meditation, but have experience from many different forms of meditation. Mindfulness meditation is particularly close to my heart because the approaches have been a turning point in my life. I am passionate about guiding and inspiring the inner peace, stability and freedom that comes with cultivating presence and compassion.

Cecilia Boman

Kevin Yoga Atmajyoti

Kevin was raised in Spain with a spiritual education and this has deeply influenced his teachings.

He is a passionate yoga teacher with roots in Qui Gong, meditation, music and nutrition. Kevin teaches with inspiration from all over the world and creates a unique blend of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga where he weaves
intelligent sequences that allow alignment and developing strength and depth.


"As we breathe, move and focus, we come into a meditative state creating inner space and peace, discovering other dimensions of ourselves".


Kevin will teach Vinyasa based practices with focus on inner exploration, flow and strength.

In addition to yoga and mindfulness teachers, I am also a craft educator and health scientist with a focus on stress management. I started yoga in 2009 and spent years of my life delving into existential teachings, both in yoga and Buddhist philosophy, where I drew a lot of inspiration and lessons from teachers such as Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle and Osho. Yoga and above all meditation have been incredibly valuable to me to get out of my confused head, land in my body and get closer to life in conscious presence.


The yoga I teach is Hatha, vinyasa and pregnant yoga with a great emphasis on mindfulness and listening to the body. During my own pregnancy and childbirth, yoga and mindfulness were the most important tools I had and decided I wanted to share this. Through my training as a pregnant yoga teacher, I have understood even more how relaxation, voice, breathing, thoughts and movements can be used to facilitate pregnancy and perhaps above all childbirth.

Sandra Wijkman Donovan

Alexandra Wijkman Donovan or Sandra as she is most commonly called found yoga when she lived in New York in the 1990s and has continued to be inspired and developed in yoga for the past 16 years.

Yoga was part of a theatrical education that Sandra attended and for the first time in her life she felt she had found an practice that brought peace, peace of mind and a deep sense of togetherness.

Sandra has held several yoga classes with the Intergral Yoga Institute , NYC, YogaWorks 200 Hours, Tantra Flow Yoga with Jeanne Heilemann 500 Hours and Radiantly Alive, Bali.

She feels a strong calling to convey yoga's fantastic opportunities to find our way home to ourselves and an inner calm, but also to the fact that in the small influence our world was to a better and more harmonious place.

Her classes vary but usually have a flow of music, alignment and a theme during practice.

Sandra also teaches yin, restorative and hatha but Vinyasa Flow is what has been and is her calling.

The last two years Sandra has also trained in shamanic healing so her heart is also passionate about our earth and all its creatures, such as humans and animals."

Penny Atmajyoti

Always been interested in the health of one's body, mind and spirit. Found Yoga in May 2006. I have the greatest respect for this incredible practice. It helps to ground me and give me a sense of clarity and balancing my state of being. Everything one deals with is reflected on the food and vice versa. It's for you to interpret. I believe that words can sometimes destroy the beauty of the yogic experience. With time and practice the internal involvement is where one was erected in his/her foundation. Yoga helps me tap into the essence that manifests through the practice and goes beyond the tangible body. It's the perfect way to meet yourself as you are with complete acceptance and the opportunity to make changes to benefit. Currently in education studying Osteopathy.


Penny teaches Hatha yoga and her classes are very dynamic and challenging but always in a way so that everyone can participate. She always adapts the classes according to who is there and what is needed for the group.


Victoria Lilly

Yoga & Meditation helps me intuitively connect to a quiet energy. Listening quietly and welcoming that which is already here as it unfolds moment to moment, with a sense of ease and stillness.


I don't follow any particular lineage as I am very much inspired by all of the beautiful teachings I encounter. What I am most interested in, is the recognition of our own true heart and true self no matter what inspires the enquiry.


This practice has been with me for over 20 years and is continuously moving and evolving in a beautiful way.

I have studied many linears with many known &unknown teachers and all have inspired me with something I can weave into my own teachings and self practice. I am very inspired by the wisdom of non-dualism teachings & self-inquiry with teachers Richard Miller & Rupert Spira as well as spiritual enquiry with Adyashanti. I am also very influenced by the work of Scaravelli, Somatic Movement and Pete Blackaby Intelligent Yoga, and a vast array of Meditation teachers.


The practice of yoga has been with me for over 20 years. Throughout this time, my practice has shaped and evolved around new learnings and life experiences. I have studied many linears from Iyengar to Shadow Yoga with many known and unknown teachers and all have inspired me with something I can weave into my own teachings and self practice.


At present I am deepening my studies of Yoga Nidra and Non Duality with Richard Miller. I am also incorporating a more somatic exploration into my practice with my teacher Julie Martin.

Therese Lind Bjellder

With a background as a professional dancer and musical artist for most of my life, I found yoga at the end of my career about 6 years ago when I moved to New York. There, yoga became my refuge in the vibrant big city to find harmony again. After many years in showbiz with wear on the body from performances several nights a week, yoga was my healing as much for body as for soul.


Through yoga, I found a way to meet myself on a deeper level and was able to create more space for love for myself and my surroundings. Just as yoga has healed my body from old occupational injuries, yoga has brought an incredible amount of gratitude, joy and greater meaning to my life. Mindfulness and self-development have always had a lot of place with me and the yoga philosophy came with magical tools. Above all, I love how through yoga I have found the art of being more present and staying in the present. During my first two years in New York, I invested wholeheartedly in the theater, until one day on the yoga mat I had an epiphany that I wanted to be a yoga teacher.


After 5 years in New York, I am now back in Stockholm and want to share yoga with others. I have 500hr yoga teacher training in Bali and Costa Rica and many inspiring hours with my teachers in New York for which I am deeply grateful. My teachers include Anna Chung, Sarrah Strimel, Sharon Gannon, Ana Lucía Fariña and Jonathan Matahi Lefevre, at BYoga, Jivamukti Yoga Center and Prānāluz. Learning is a living process and I will continue to be a student on the mat as well as out in life.


I am passionate about inspiring others and helping others to light the candle within themselves, to make each other dare to be true, open up and share joy. With my classes, I want to provide positive healing experiences and encourage finding our true self, living out our full capacity and daring to follow our dreams. I believe in the strength and light we can create together with others. The power we create in encounters with people, the meaning, joy and togetherness it makes us feel, drives me. I enjoy being in a place where I can contribute to it, make people feel seen and heard.


I am passionate about life, how we challenge each other, ourselves, how we dig deeper to develop and find our inner truth. How, with the help of yoga, we meet our mind, body and soul with more acceptance, presence and harmony to create balance in life, which is like the waves of the sea, wild, calm, uneven, large, small and amazingly exciting.


Clive Guiver

With over 400 hours of professional training, (RYT 400), and a dedicated personal practice. In experience yoga as a source of stability in an ever changing world, a journey, and a reconnection to my authentic self.


We each have our own journey, with our own obstacles. For me, Yoga allows for a safe platform to work through those obstacles, and an opportunity for growth. As we dedicate ourselves to the practice we gain strength, increase flexibility, and develop insight. It is when the lessons we learn on the food begin to reflect in daily life that we truly see the practice taking form.


In lead a grounding Hath/Vinyasa practice with focus on intelligent sequencing and practical alignment. The practice provides a wonderful platform to explore the relationship between breath, body, and mind.


Göran Liljeberg

I found Yoga in early 2015 after exhaustion and quickly felt its healing and balancing effect. Yoga has become a solid foundation that I can always trust. Where I can recover, find strength, balance and goodness. Today, Yoga is a basic need for me, like eating or drinking water.

Yoga helps me take care of my body through physical practice, so I'm as free as possible from distractions like pain and stiffness. Furthermore, through reflection and meditation, slowly peel away all layers and masks to reach my innermost true self.

I am a trained yoga teacher at Atmajyoti's hatha yoga training by Viveka Blom Nygren, Elizabeth Welsh and Sandra Wijkman Donovan and have worked as a group training instructor for several years.


My intention with Yoga is to create a safe and secure place in the Yoga Hall where you as a student can drop requirements, musts and external expectations. A place where you dare to test, dare to ask and build your self-esteem for practice.

You will learn the basics of Hatha yoga, how you can safely and intelligently practice Yoga based on your body, conditions and ambitions. I want you to have a greater awareness in yourself, that you become stronger and slowly but surely feel the benefits Yoga has to give.


I am a Pregnancy Yoga teacher and also a trained doula in the Fetus Without Fear method, and I work as a nurse in the maternity ward, so I have a lot of experience with pregnant women and childbirth. I am a person who is calm and responsive by nature. I am driven by the feminine energy, the female body, the healing power of nature and the female spiritual awakening. I myself started my inner journey about 5 years ago and have a spiritual training in the nature of mind in Tibetan teachings, which has been very valuable in all aspects of my life. In addition to working with pregnant women, I also hold women's circles and guide women to activate their feminine energy and wisdom. In April, I will be adding to my knowledge of yoga and also becoming a Yinya teacher. I look forward to meeting you at my classes and guiding you into your pregnant body in a calm and harmonious study together.

Karina Stääv Ardelius

I met yoga more than 20 years ago and since then yoga's outlook on life is my common thread and guiding principle. I am trained as a yoga teacher at Atmajyoti's solid hatha, yin and pregnant yoga teacher training and both as a MediYoga and mindfulness instructor with associated expertise in basic medicine. I mainly teach Hatha Yoga, YinYoga, MediYoga, Pregnant Yoga and MammaBaby yoga.


Behind me, I have a 20-year career as a film producer as well as a bachelor's degree in communication, psychology, leadership and health. I also have a 4-year therapist training in psychosynthesis and today I receive clients, hold classes and courses for individuals as well as groups and companies.


My holistic approach to life has found its way home in yoga. On the limited surface of the carpet I find the greatest freedom, where everything fits. With breathing as a guide, I find the balance between being and doing, my stillness and my power, my conscious presence. All this makes me very grateful. And humble.


My intention as a teacher is to give space to experience yoga, each based on their unique circumstances. Time to land, gaze inwards and for curious exploration. No achievement, just acceptance, compassion and unconditional love.

Gigi Fridfinnsdottir

My yoga journey began in 2000 when I came into contact with yoga at a health retreat. It wasn't love at first sight right away, but a seed was sown and then I had an off/on relationship with yoga for a period. I tried several different yoga styles and in different environments (at studios, at home with DVDs m.m.). Eventually I got in touch with a teacher who inspired me and encouraged me and in 2015/16 I attended Atmajyoti's yoga teacher training.


Yoga gives me foundation, strength, softness and calm and through yoga I get an opportunity to meet and accept myself, others and the outside world. What's so great about yoga is that you never get "done." I keep learning so much; love and trust in myself and others and that everything that happens will get me to where the universe wants me to come.


Yoga has given me so much and I now hope to sow small yoga seeds in others and convey the power of yoga. Yoga is for everyone regardless of previous experiences and physical conditions and I believe in making yoga a personal external and inner journey.


I find inspiration and strength in my amazing teachers and colleagues, in the ability of different yoga styles to found, create stillness and playfulness, as well as through my own meditation, pranayama and yoga.


Sarah Johnsson

Sarah Jonsson has taught various forms of Hatha yoga since the turn of the millennium and is active both in Sweden and abroad. She has a behavioral science background with a degree in psychology, specializing in stress and coping strategies.


For more than ten years, Sarah has studied therapeutic yoga together with Judith Hanson Lasater, the pioneer of Restorative Yoga in the West, and also assists in several of Judith's educations around the world.

After more than 30 years in the restaurant industry and the last 20 years as a partner and CEO, I really got to experience what stress can do to you, partly positively but also the destructive slow degrading version. After being diagnosed with exhaustion syndrome dec. 14, I took my first yoga sessions in the fall of 2015 and later via the classic "banana peel" ended up at Atmajyoti and rehab training. Here I came into contact with MediYoga for the first time and was taken from the first breath. It all led to training as a MediYoga teacher after first studying Basic Medicine. Life is all good exciting and unpredictable at certain times. Welcome to comfortable quiet workouts on the MediYoga mat! Sat Nam!

Little Gyüszi

I came to contact with yoga in 2012 when a colleague invited me to join a yoga class at work. I am coming from a sporty family and having a background in classical ballet, so at the beginning I came back because of the joy of physical activity.

In the years, my practice has gone through major changes, but something always brought me back to my food every time since then. To quiet my mind, to truly be myself, to play, to cry, to be angry, to be happy, to deal with a thing called life and sometimes to be able to balance in handstand in the middle of the room.

The curiosity to learn and understand more of this amazing practice leads me to dissect a pose or a movement to the details to put it back again to the flow.


I try to reflect and share my experiences, tips and tricks from my own practice on my classes. My goal is to keep the practice sustainable, playful, functional and adaptable to our busy lives, so everyone would find something to work with.

Cinna Brahme

I love yoga because it makes me "come home", home to myself in the moment and the present, through my body. The body that is always here and now unlike the dancing character of our mind. When I am fully present in my body through movement, I feel amazingly good. Yoga takes me there. Through the conscious breaths, body and mind can become one. I feel an incredible passion for the intelligence of our body. Too often we do not listen to our body, but as we learn to become more and more responsive to its signals to us, almost all our answers are here. What happens when you start listening inwards more and more? What movement does the body crave? The yoga moves are fantastic as a framework, and I as a teacher are there as a guide and inspiration, but I always want to encourage you to know yourself in the first place. In my classes there is a large dose of empathy and softness but also room for a more powerful dynamic flow. You are always welcome just as you are, there is never a requirement for performance here. Each class is your own, and a gift to you and your body!


I have my undergraduate degree in Hatha Yoga, certified according to the Yoga Alliance. Has since further trained in Embodied Flow™ , Yoni yoga and Feminine embodiement. I teach Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoni Yoga and Yin Yoga."

Caroline Lundgren Atmajyoti Yoga

Yoga is for me a safe space to drop in to self and life in any given moment. What started as movements on a food is now a body awareness that brings me to the core of my being and values in life. I go there when I am sad and I go there when I am happy. Its became my playground and true companion that keeps me open for all the life that is here. It makes me happy to share yoga with others.
I have been teaching yoga for 7 years now and keeping on feeling humble of all the gift it brings people as they tap in and move through movement and moments with me.

Linda Ergeus Atmajyoti Yoga

Mindfulness in everyday life (Workshop)
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