Pranayama, a 10-week course 16 Jan-19 March

Breathing is #1 for your health.

The body follows the mind and the mind follows the breath.


Join us and learn how to work with your breathing to strengthen your life force. 


This course is tailored to help you find a way to revitalize your lungs and breathing and connect with your life force. Pranayama is also the way into meditation.


Maybe you have been Covid sick and need to come back or you want to prevent and strengthen your health.


Everyone is welcome!


"Breathing is living, when we breathe on a daily basis we only use a small, small part of our capacity. Many people breathe far too much and it stresses the body. Yoga wants to teach us to breathe deeply and consciously and for a while allow us to let go of everything else for a while, rest from everything that is spinning. When we do this, we calm the nervous system and body and mind can come into balance. We strengthen our life force and calm the mind."


Pranayama are yogic breathing techniques that aim to soothe our mind and balance our body. In the West, Pranayama/Breathing Techniques are mostly praised for oxygen uptake and that is an important aspect. Traditionally, however, oxygen uptake is of a secondary nature as the most valuable thing about Pranayama is its calming effect on the nervous system. The nervous system calms and strengthens so that you feel more alive.


Pranayama is a preparation for deeper concentration and meditation while supporting the vital functions of the body. A fantastic tool to heal us and also get in deeper contact with ourselves and our surroundings – a bridge into meditation. Pranayama cleanses your energy system and gives you access to your vital energy.


Theme of the course:
- Theory of breathing, physical and mental
- Preparatory exercises for Pranayama, training of breathing muscles
- Pranayaman's different breathing exercises
- Meditation
- I read your pulse and you get a personalized Pranayama program


You consist of (approx.) 73 trillion cells and all your cells are breathing - Pranayama vitalizes the whole of you both physically and mentally - come and learn to breathe. Pranayama reduces stress, boosts your immune system and gives you more energy.


Benefits of learning to breathe correctly:
- More energy
- Calmer brain
- Better sleep
- Stronger heart
- Less anxiety
- Better immune system
- Better performance - more access to stamina and strength
- Less pain
- Relieves and improves asthma
- Increased spiritual development

Course registration

Pranayama course Jan-March 2024

2,500.00 kr

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Date: January 16 - March 19, 2024

Day and time: Tuesdays 17:15-18:30

Teacher: Viveka Blom Nygren

Location: Yogin Shlm (formerly YogaDevi), Tomtebogatan 30, Stockholm, Sweden

Price: 2500 kr

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