Pranayama – Yogic Breathing Exercises 1h Consultation

Support yourself and Atmajyoti by booking 1 h consultation in Pranayama. Viveka reads your heart rate and makes her own breathing program adapted to you.


What's more important right now than taking care of your lungs and your breathing. I'm tailoring this workshop to help you find a way to revitalize your lungs and breathing and connect with your life shaft.


Maybe you have been Corona sick and need to get started or you want to prevent and strengthen your health.

Everyone is welcome!


"Breathing is living, when we breathe everyday we only use a small, small part of our capacity. Yoga wants to teach us to breathe deeply and calmly and for a while let go of everything around us. When we can do that, body and soul come into balance and we come into a deeper and more true contact with ourselves, we are guided inwards towards our own light, our own vitality was in from where we can draw strength and courage to live our lives."


Pranayama are yogic breathing techniques that aim to soothe our mind and balance our body. In the West, Pranayama/Breathing Techniques are mostly praised for oxygen uptake and that is an important aspect. Traditionally, however, oxygen uptake is of a secondary nature as the most valuable thing about Pranayama is its calming effect on the nervous system. The nervous system calms and strengthens so that you feel more alive.


Pranayama is a preparation for deeper concentration and meditation while supporting the vital functions of the body. A fantastic tool to heal us and also get in deeper contact with ourselves and our surroundings – a bridge into meditation. Pranayama cleanses your energy system and gives you access to your vital energy.


1 h Pranayama consultation:
– Conversations about you and your breathing
– I read your heart rate and tailor a program to you
"We do the program together
– You will then have access to me by e-mail or phone if you need support in your practice


You consist of 73 triljarder cells and all your cells breathe – Pranayama revitalizes all of you as well physically as mentally – come and learn to breathe. Pranayama reduces stress, strengthens your immune system and gives you more energy


Benefits of learning to breathe right:
– More energy
– Calmer brain
– Hormone balance
– Better sleep
– Stronger heart
– Less concern
– Better immune system
– Better performance – more access to endurance and strength
– Less pain
– Relieves and improves asthma
– Increased spiritual development

Course registration

Pranayama - Private consultation

1,000.00 kr


Date, day & time: You book an appointment by emailing Viveka, viveka@atmajyoti.se.

Teacher: Viveka Blom Nygren

Online: Link sent to your email address

Price: 1000 kr

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