the 2022 autumn term


The autumn term starts on 22 Aug and runs until 22 Dec. You can also drop in to all classes with your card or as a drop in.


Here you can book courses for the autumn semester

Download the schedule as a PDF here!


 Precautions. Almost all of our classes are streamed live ONLINE and are also available for replay. If you want to do yoga at home, we will send you a login. We have mats and bolsters available to borrow and if you do, it is important that you spray down the equipment after use. We ask that you wash/spray your hands immediately when you arrive at the studio. There is spray to wash blocks and carpets. You will stay home if you have the slightest cold or symptoms. You can find our online channel here.




You book your seat in the schedule here on the page. If you are a member and have a card, click book. If you don't have a card, click drop in and pay for the class and you'll be booked in. If the class is full, you can still book as a reserve, there are usually vacancies.

Early Bird spring semester 2023
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