Vipassana retreat with Christiane Wolf

We are busy in our lives – often it feels good and productive until we notice that we have forgotten to rest and recover. Taking a vacation may not be enough because we often take the "busy mind" with us. We may need to disconnect completely for a few days and turn our attention inwards and to the present. Be kindly present with ourselves. For seven days we enter into silence and stillness without everyday distractions such as the internet, news, TV, work and even without books. Welcomes not only stillness, but also the experience and joy that arises from within, completely independent of the constant stimulus from the outside.

This silent retreat meets the requirements for you to train as a MBSR/MBCT and MSC teacher and is led by Christiane as a Vipassanaretreat.

We will alternate periods of sitting meditation with walking meditation in the beautiful surroundings. We will also practice soft yoga and body scanning.

Our practice both during the meditations and in between begins when we wake up with the first meditation session at 6.00am and ends at 9.30pm when we go to bed.

Please note that at this retreat, the teaching is only done in English by Christine Wolf.


Practical information

We live on Can Vital,which is located in a wonderful setting on the Spanish mainland overlooking the hills of Penedes, with a mild autumn climate. We bring our own chefs and eat delicious vegetarian food.


The number of seats is limited to 20 people. Both beginners and people with previous meditation experience and yoga are welcome. 


You book and pay for flights to Barcelona yourself. Email us your flight times when you book. We arrange transfers that take place at 1 time on the same day that the course starts. It will run about 15:00-15:30 from Barcelona Airport. The transfer is about 1 hour to Can Vital.


The retreat starts with shared food on arrival. 

Once you have booked your flight ticket, you will notify us of your arrival. On the last day we finish the retreat and finish about 12:00.

About Christiane

Dr. Christiane Wolf is a physician who became a Vipassana and MBSR teacher (Mindfulness-Based stress reduction) and teacher educator. It may still surprise her that for more than a decade she has now transformed people's lives with mindfulness and Dharma instead of scalpel.


She is a senior teacher at InsightLA in Los Angeles and at spirit rock mediation center and teacher at the Faculty of Mindfulness and MBSR at the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School and ditto at Arbor Seminare in Germany. Christiane received teacher transfer from Trudy Goodman in 2011 and has a four-year Dharmalar training course for Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein. She teaches individuals, groups and retreats in the United States and Europe. Originally from Berlin, Germany, she lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their three children.

Number of seats left

Only 2 seats left

About Can Vital


Can Vital is located in the heart of Alt Penedes nestled in nature with beautiful views of the Montserrat mountain range.  A peaceful place that invites deep contact with nature, a place to unwind and listen inwards. We live alone here in the mountains. The rooms are newly made and carefully decorated to blend in with the beautiful surroundings.

Upcoming trip

20 September - 26 September 2021

Type of yoga: Vipassana – Silent meditation

Food: Full board with vegetarian diet (Yoga porridge breakfast de Lux, lunch and dinner)

Place: Can Vital, Barcelona

Number of days: 6 nights

Price: SEK 16,500 (about USD 1,953, approx. Euro 1,623)

You can part-pay our yoga retreats interest-free up to 12 months through our collaboration with Humanfinans. Feel free to climate compensate your flight. You can calculate your carbon offset and choose an environmental project to support through Zeromission.

Prices apply to part of a double room.
We provide Travel Guarantee to kammarkollegiet in accordance with the Travel Guarantee Act. Furthermore, we follow the Swedish Consumer Agency's guidelines for Package Travel regarding booking and cancellation – here you can read.


Flight: Book to Barcelona and pay for yourself. We arrange a transfer from the airport to Can Vital at cost price.

Other information: We start with a joint lunch at 14:00. On the day of arrival, we present the schedule of the retreat. The course ends with brunch on the day the course ends and we are ready about 11:30-12:00. Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrive earlier or to stay after brunch on the last day when the number of seats at Can Vital is limited and that there is room for cleaning.

The autumn semester has begun!
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