Yoga retreat at Mudita yoga studio, Österlen - November 2024

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Retreat 2.0: Soft yoga, pranayama, meditation and fasting cure
Date: November 21-24, 2024
Location: Mudita, Baskemölla, Österlen, Sweden
Price: 5 500 SEK

Viveka guides you in yoga, breathing exercises and meditation and also lectures on research on meditation and fasting. We focus on strengthening and harmonizing body and mind. The food is vegan and prepared by Cissi from Lila Lotus. We follow Professor Valter Longo's fasting healing food to support your healing journey.

Accommodation: Baske, Baskemölla's hostel
Single room: 570 SEK/night
Double room: 400 SEK/night
When booking, please state that you are part of the Atmajyoti Yoga Retreat to get preferential rates.

In order to secure your place, please pay a registration fee of 2000 SEK at the time of registration. Final payment is due 30 days before the start of the retreat.

Additional Information

Registration fee, Final payment

Retreat 2.0 at the beautiful Mudita yoga studio in Baskemölla in Österlen.

This retreat is for those who want to try, but also go deeper into pranayama and meditation, as well as put your health in focus and learn more about the research for a healthy and long life. We will alternate yoga, pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), meditation, lecture on research on food and meditation, walks, sauna and sea bathing and Abhyangha, Ayurvedic hot oil massage. The food is sparse but wonderfully good, prepared by Cecilia Olsson and we follow Professor Valter Longo's fasting.


We have the yoga classes at the most beautiful yoga hall in Sweden, Mudita in Österlen. Mudita is located in the eco-village in Baskemölla overlooking the sea.

We are a small group (max 14 students) and both beginners and more experienced students are welcome to the retreat. Viveka Blom Nygren teaches and lectures. We do yoga in a gentle way and everyone can participate. We practice medical yoga, pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) and meditation. During the retreat we explore a period of silence. We also do both walking meditation and beautiful walks in the area. The food is vegan with Österlen's wonderful ingredients and prepared by Cecilia Olsson from Lila Lotus. It is a fast but we will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in smaller portions. It's a taste of what a 5-day fast can be like. Before we start the retreat, you will receive tips on how to best prepare yourself.


We leave room in the schedule so that you also have time for rest. We stay at the hostel in Baskemölla, Bo på Baske. You book and pay the hostel yourself, you announce that you belong to the Yoga group.

During these days, you will be given practical tools to take better care of yourself. Viveka will give you a personalized breathing and meditation program that you can continue at home. You will also learn more about how to fast and continue to eat healthier.

You can call or write to Viveka if you have any questions.

The world of science where Valter Longo's fasting

SVT's Vetenskapens värld explored the concept of "Longevity" or living a long and healthy life. A common theme that emerged among all the researchers who participated in the program was the use of fasting as a method for health and well-being. 


The program culminated with an interview with Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California and a leading researcher in the field. Mr. Longo is known for developing the fast that we will implement during our retreat. You can watch the program and interview with Valter Longo here. The segment starts at 46:40 in the program.

Our days together look like this

07:30 - Walking meditation
08:00 - Yoga, pranayama and meditation
09:45 - Breakfast

11:00 - 13:00 Lecture / Leisure / Hiking / Sauna
13:00 - Lunch
16:00 - Pranayama & Meditation
17:30 - Dinner & Rest
20:00 - Soft Yoga & Meditation


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The retreat in Baskemölla landed so well in all of me, for my situation where I am right now, and what my body needs. You guided us so clearly and safely into meditation and breathing exercises. I felt safe at all times.

You are so amazingly steady, wise and clear. And I am so happy that I got to spend these days with you, Cicci and the group. I live 60 miles from Vanja, so meeting her was also a source of joy. This is why my heart sings, because what we created together is shimmeringly calm and beautiful.

Thank you for the pranayama program! I have been using it for a few mornings now. So generous to offer a personal consultation. Luxury. Inspiration for dry brushing and Abhyanga was great! I'm a fan of oils and essential oils and scents and everything related to skin and skin care. As my husband said when I got home: -"Yoga and skincare, no wonder you had a great time!". I am so happy about this retreat and will keep it in me for a long, long time.
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Thank you for an absolutely wonderful and invigorating weekend in Österlen! Your sessions were so calming and provided so much peace. I felt strengthened and excited the whole week afterwards. I try to follow your advice and breathing exercises, but sometimes it is difficult when everyday life runs on. Clearly still safe to be able to use these tools when the wind is blowing. The food was also very nice and inspiring!
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Hello Viveka and thank you for 4 wonderful days in a wonderful place. A well-thought-out and solid program with room for own time for rest and reflection and an impressive commitment from you, both for the individual and the group.
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The days in Österlen provided the opportunity to unwind through perfectly designed and composed activities. A small cohesive group of curious people with a genuine interest in finding/creating viable life balance. Adorable yoga studio. Amazing yoga/pranayama classes. Delicious food - which sort of transformed the V L fast into recurring communal feasts! Best possible introduction to try fasting.
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Thanks for a great weekend. I have brought several sharp tools that I hold dear to me now when everyday life presses on and you easily become a reactive robot.
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So strengthening and healing for body and soul. To land in oneself and feel that the body responds and feels good. It gives me happiness and power. Thank you and Cissi for a very nice retreat! There were so many positive experiences that it is difficult to list them all :).

- It was very good to get some more detailed and personalized instructions and more training on the breathing exercises. Although I was previously a little skeptical about the effects of the breathing exercises, I have now felt that, for example, my old back pain has improved after just two mornings of breathing exercises!!! it's a bit magical.
- Funnily enough, before the retreat I had fears that there might be some more challenging yoga sessions anyway 😀 which would be difficult to cope with during the Longo diet. Now there were no problems at all and it was almost as if I missed a session with a little more physical asanas actually.
- The combination of softer yoga, breathing exercises, meditations and the whole group I think made it much easier to implement the Longo program there than compared to doing it yourself at home. And many people seemed to think so.
- The excursion to Stenshuvud was absolutely fantastic! What a day! as well as the sauna bath. In the future, it may be good to add "bathing shoes" to the packing list because it would probably be good to have even if you bathed in the middle of the summer.
- Mudita was also so incredibly nice, a very special feeling and atmosphere.
- The walking meditation was also a very special experience that I would not want to be without even if it was a little more "uncomfortable" with the cold and wind some morning.

Thanks again for a very nice and inspiring retreat!

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