Ashtanga Yoga | Mysore | Pranayama | Meditation | Asana Inquiry & Repatterning Stockholm January 24-29 2025

We happily welcome Kia again to Stockholm, for a 6-day immersion.



Tantric texts describe the human body as a vessel for the sacred breath, Prana – the cosmic life force. In this immersion we uncover the deeper meaning of Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama as a way to attune to these subtle streams, and their influence on all layers of our being. Again and again we return to the sensations of our body, the pathways of our breath and the generosity of our heart to grow our practice from a place of deep listening and open curiosity. This yielding to the wisdom of our own embodiment creates a sense of belonging and compassion that reaches far beyond our yoga mat.


“I believe this process of embodiment to be a portal to the deepest source of our being – which always is, and always has been radically whole and complete” – Kia Naddermier


Kia will guide us through traditional Pranayama practices (in the lineage of Kaivalyadham), Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation and take us on a dynamic and explorative journey of Ashtanga Yoga as a fully embodied practice. We will approach these transformative teachings with an inclusive and creative mindset, enabling us to inform and inspire our practice regardless of current experience – beginner, intermediate or advanced.


This workshop welcomes all interested practitioners and teachers.

Kia will be assisted in all classes by Agneta Beckman & Lise de la Brosse.



Philosophy & Pranayama


Friday Evening & Saturday Afternoon

Drawing from traditional Yogic and Buddhist teachings, Kia shares reflections and insights, and guides us through classical Pranayamas in the lineage of Kaivalyadham. We deepen our appreciation for the subtleties of breath and its significance in yogic practices and philosophy.
New students are mindfully introduced to traditional Pranayama, whilst those with more experience refine and expand their practice and understanding.


An Embodied Approach to Ashtanga Yoga – Practice, Principles & Philosophy


Saturday & Sunday morning

In these 3-hour masterclasses, Kia will share her research and insights for developing a deeper experience of Ashtanga Yoga as a pathway to wholeness. Refining our internal awareness will be the ground for our inquiry into the inner and outer form of these transformative practices. We will journey through key elements with an explorative mindset, looking at common energetic patterns to help cultivate a fully embodied practice rooted in yogic teachings. We will expand our ability to access sensation and grow somatic literacy along with sound principles.This offers us the agency, understanding and skills to align our yoga practice to changing conditions, individual ability and anatomical constitution. It is an approach that yields exceptional rewards as it moves the practitioner towards self-reliance, self-compassion and self-realisation.

These profoundly comprehensive sessions will open up new dimensions in your practice that we will continue to explore and expand on in the Mysore sessions that follow.


Asana Inquiry – Awareness, Principles, Repatterning & Discussion


Sunday Afternoon

Cultivation of internal and physical awareness and observation skills lie at the heart of an embodied approach to Ashtanga Yoga. When we allow the beauty and form of each Asana to be an invitation for inquiry rather than an unyielding choreography, we open to endless creative opportunities and discover new pathways for healing.
This session is designed to support teachers and practitioners wishing to deepen their understanding of the art of alignment, adjustments and repatterning, as well as uncover the dynamics that shape the methods we teach and learn through.


Meditation & Satsang


Sunday Afternoon (following Asana Inquiry)

Satsang means exploring truth in the gathering of ones spiritual community, Sangha. This last afternoon session of the weekend, Kia will guide us in a centering meditation practice as well as offer space for Satsang – discussion and inquiries around the practice and philosophy of yoga.


Meditation & Mysore Practice


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning

We open our morning with a guided meditation to align body, heart and mind. Kia may take us through the first standing postures to set a common intention, before we continue into Mysore self practice at your own rhythm.
This is a wonderful opportunity to apply the teachings from the weekend in your personal practice, while receiving individual guidance from Kia and her team. With a sincere dedication to the growth and development of each of her students, Kia offers an including, safe and inspiring space open for personal exploration, inquiry and transformation.


All levels welcome but you need to be able to practice Mysore Style Self-Practice.



Friday Jan 26

Philosophy & Pranayama


Saturday Jan 27 

An Embodied Approach to Ashtanga Yoga Master Class 1

13:00- 14:45
Philosophy & Pranayama


Sunday Jan 28

An Embodied Approach to Ashtanga Yoga Master Class 2

Asana Inquiry – Awareness, Principles, Repatterning & Discussion

Break about 30 min

Meditation & Satsang


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Jan 29-31

06:30-09:00 Meditation & Mysore practice


* This is an organic process which is why we are intentionally giving 30 mins flexibility in terms of finishing time Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Thank you for accommodating this in your planning.


There are two options; you can choose to participate the full program 6-days or only the first 3 days. We hope you can join all six days. It is not possible to book individual sessions of this immersion.


6 days Immersion Jan 26-31: 4100 sek

3 days Immersion Jan 26-28: 3200 sek

Cancellation fee: 500 SEK


Yogashakti, Högbergsgatan 30A, Stockholm. T-bana Slussen

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