Handstand & Forearm balance

Handstand and forearm balances

What’s the big deal about going upside down? To be honest it really is a personal experience and everyone who inverts will give you their reason. In my years of teaching inversions, I have seen people become more confident and at home in their body during practice. There’s improved balance, not only on the hands but in basic poses. Spontaneous, fundamental joy arises for most first time inverters. Fear becomes less obvious to the practitioner and determination of sorts unfolds in the practice. Sensing and internally bearing witness to one’s ‘perceived’ physical and mental limitations, simultaneously experiencing an ability that was previously untapped, at times leaves the practitioner aspiring to let go of limiting thoughts and behaviour. Developing skills and problem solving is also a part of the inverting phenomenon.


The classes I teach encourage and facilitate community spirit and care since the classes integrate a voluntary forum to work with each other, over time instilling trust and compassion within the group consequently carrying those same values into your external relationships. During the Covid situation I will not be asking you to partner up but it will be your choice.


This short 2 hour workshop will give you pointers on how to prepare and set up for inverting. You may learn to appreciate that everyone’s body and mind is unique in its movement presentation and experience.

The aim is for you to walk away from the workshop feeling you have a better understanding of you, your self imposed limitations as well as recognising your strength, ability and possibilities. You will receive individual help where needed and develop a basic skill set to take the information learned into your yoga practice wherever that may be.

Prerequisite for this workshop:

Minimum of 10 people for workshop to commence.
Being patient, curious and respectful to yourself and others
6 months to 1 year regular yoga practice.


Obs: headstand and shoulder are not taught during the workshop.


If you are uncertain whether this is for you then please send me an email with any questions to: penny@insituosteopathy.com


Look forward to seeing you soon.

Handstand workshop


Hathayoga med Penny

Handstand & Forearm balance (Workshop)

Datum: 10 april
Dag: Lördag

Tid: 08.00-10.00

Lärare: Penny

Pris: 400 kr

Antal kurstillfällen: 1 gång