Handstand, Forearm balance & Backbends

Yoga Inversions, Hand Balancing and Back Bending Class

After many requests for an extended Saturday’s Inversion and Back bending class, here it is!


You can also choose to enjoy Curly Food’s wonderful food after practice.


On Saturday December 11th we will start at 08.30 and finish at 11.30.  The practice will consist of the usual handstands, back bending and forearm balances along with splash of hand balances too. A combination of handstand drop backs and standing drop backs will be explored for those already practicing this in their regular class. There will be plenty to choose from due to variations but in the end the main component of practicing the asana will always be to move with breath, listen to breath, attune to the breath and respect the breath and body union alongside the safety aspects; avoiding pain and discomfort. Always practicing with a kind careful curious intention.


In my years of teaching inversions, I have seen people become more confident and at home in their body during practice. There’s improved balance, not only on the hands but in basic poses. Spontaneous, fundamental joy arises especially for first time inverters. Fear becomes less obvious to the practitioner and determination of sorts unfolds in the practice. Sensing and internally bearing witness to one’s ‘perceived’ physical and mental limitations, simultaneously experiencing an ability that was previously untapped, at times leaves the practitioner aspiring to let go of limiting thoughts and behaviour. Developing skills and problem solving is also a part of the inverting phenomenon.


The classes I teach encourage and facilitate community spirit and care since the classes integrate a voluntary forum to work with each other, over time developing trust and compassion within the group, consequently carrying those same values into your external relationships. There is never any pressure to go beyond your capability and you are always able to rest and modify any pose taught.


After Yoga food <3

Njut av Curlyfoods smakrika ekologiska brunch efter yogan den 11 december.


En värmande soppa dukas fram med krispig sallad, röra, smul och nybakat bröd.


Till finns även en kryddig chai och banankaka med saffranstopping.


Pris 275 kr bokas senast den 8 december.

Prerequisite for this workshop:

Minimum of 10 participants. Knowledge and wisdom to practice safely and to ask for help and advice where needed. Know your own limitations and practice patience.


Please note: headstand and shoulderstand are not taught during the workshop.

You are welcome to email me with any questions: penny@insituosteopathy.com


Look forward to seeing you soon.


Handstand workshop


Hathayoga med Penny

Handstand, Forearm balance & Backbends (Workshop)

Datum: 11 december
Dag: Lördag

Tid: 08.30-11.30

Lärare: Penny

Pris: 550 kr


Penny’s Workshop & Curly Food

Pris: 825 kr

Antal kurstillfällen: 1 gång


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