Buddhist Science of Mind

Putting meditation on its context. – We´ll have many guided 24 minutes meditations.

Your mind is the source of your suffering, discontent and dissatisfaction – and also the source of you happiness and deeper satisfaction.

You will learn how mind and awareness are defined and described in Buddhist philosophy and psychology. This gives also understanding for the goal of Buddhist meditation – both its study and practice.


Our minds potential
Mind needs the brain , body and nervous system to function, but is more than that. Our mind/ consciousness have many levels, and we can have access to them all, by continuous practice and study, this is the Buddhist approach. Our mind have capacity for gradual awakening, from ordinary everyday mind to its highest potential. There is no ”quick fix”, but continuous – slow and steady – study and practice of mind training will give result.


You will learn the definitions & terms

  • The functions of the mind – perception and conception
  • The mechanics of the mind
  • Buddhist psychology – primary minds and mental factors
  • Destructive mental factors – the root delusions and derivative delusions
  • Constructive mental factors


How to get more balanced mind – to surf on lifes ups and downs?

  • What is ”genuine happiness”?
  • How to develope daily practice


Guided Meditations, 24 minutes

Reflection on the Impermanence nature of life and our experiences.
Reflection on the Continuity of Consciousness.
Meditation on the Clarity of Consciousness.
Meditations on the Four Immeasurables: Equanimity, Loving Kindness, Compassion & Empathetic Joy.


Kaisa Kaulanen is a teacher of mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy. She has studied and finished the Masters Program of Advanced Buddhist Studies of Sutra and Tantra 2008 – 2014 (iltk.org), and has also Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communication and Art History from the Stockholms University.


Wonderful it is to train the mind, so swiftly moving, seizing whatever it wants.

Good is it to have a well-trained mind, for a well-trained mind brings happiness.


Mindfulness and Compassion mind training course


Mindfulness and Compassion mind training course

Buddhist Science of Mind

Datum: 29 november 2020

Dag: Söndag

Tid: 09.00 – 15.00

Lärare: Kaisa Kaul

Pris: 750 kr

Antal kurstillfällen: 1 gånger