Meditation - resting in the moment

Come and join me for a Meditation, where we completely rest and abide in the silence within.


Noticing how it feels when we let go of any effort of trying to do something, trying to make something happen and just rest in the quietness.


Receiving the moment just as it is, not owning or disowning our experience.


Beautiful Meditation to help navigate these times, and completely come to rest.

Looking forward to seeing you


With Joys and wishes 

Victoria x 


Summer does not rush towards Autumn

The moon rises with grace

Life unfolds with no urgency, moment to moment

Don’t hurry to a time that does not exist

Can we rest here, just here

And welcome the unfolding of life.


Meditation Stockholm Atmajyoti

Meditation - resting in the moment

Datum: 25 oktober, 6 december 2020
Dag: Söndagar

Tid: 16.00-17.00

Lärare: Victoria Lilly

Plats: Sigtunagatan 8

Pris: 150 kr per tillfälle