Somatic Yoga & Mediation Workshop

Somatic Yoga & Meditation – for peace & well being


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Come and join me for a lovely Somatic workshop. We will explore moving in a somatic way to feel a sense of being grounded, centred, and at peace in the body and mind.


In this practice we will move slowly, with small movements and keeping things simple. The workshop is designed to calm the nervous system which helps reduce stress, fatigue and tension in the body and mind.


Blending Somatic movements from Hanna Somatic Education and Yoga poses, we bring together a calming, peaceful practice for the whole body and mind.


Everyone is welcome to join.


What we will explore:


  • Somatic movements, to become more aware of feeling and sensing the subtle sensations in the body.
  • Yoga poses to sense what it feels like to be grounded, supported and at ease.
  • Being conscious of what it feels like to pause between movements.
  • A felt sense of being anchored in our ventral nervous system. 
  • A calming meditation, dropping the energy into the heart centre, where we can bring forth qualities of peace, connection and well being.


I Look forward to you joining me for this workshop, you will feel fully rested and find a sense of peace within.


With joy and wishes, 

Victoria x 


Peace flows into me, as the tide to the pool by the shore

It is mine forever more, it ebb not back like the sea…

Sara Teasdale


Victoria Lilly

Victoria has been practising Yoga and Meditation for over 25 years. She is trained in Somatic Movement, Yoga and is an iRest certified Meditation teacher. She is continuously deepening her studies in Meditation, Somatic Movement and Psychic Mediumship.




Somatic Yoga & Meditation Workshop​

Dag: Lördag 29 oktober

Tid: 12:00-14:30

Lärare: Victoria Lilly

Pris: 450 kr

Grundkurs i mindfulness
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