Somatic Yoga & Mediation Workshop

Somatic Yoga & Meditation – moving in to spring


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As we move from Winter into Spring, there’s an alchemy of energies we can blend and attune to in our practice, to help us feel more calm and balanced through the changing seasons.


Spring is a time of blossoming, new beginning’s  and energising, a time when things that were still and resting in Winter begin to reveal, dissolve and move.


In this Workshop we will tap into these qualities, moving with the energy of Spring while simultaneously staying grounded and experiencing a quality of stillness within.


We begin with gentle floor based work, blending Somatic movements (from Hanna Somatic) with Yoga postures. This will help us feel more supported, grounded and calm in the body/mind.


As we come up from the ground, we start to flow, creating smooth integrated movements to feel more vibrant and energised.


We end the workshop with a restful Mediation to bring everything back into balance, recognising an essence of calm and peace in the Body, Mind & Soul.


Everyone is welcome to join.


I look forward to sharing these beautiful teachings with you,


Love Victoria x


May we be open to the rhythms of life, flowing into each other…


Victoria Lilly

Victoria has been practising Yoga and Meditation for over 25 years. She is trained in Somatic Movement, Yoga and is an iRest certified Meditation teacher. She is continuously deepening her studies in Meditation, Somatic Movement and Psychic Mediumship.


Somatic Yoga & Meditation Workshop​

Dag: Lördag 25 mars

Tid: 12:00-15:00

Lärare: Victoria Lilly

Pris: 450 kr

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