Somatic Movement Workshop Oct 2

To feel more ease, joy and flow in our movements


A Somatic practice brings awareness to our internal experience of movement. It cultivates a deep awareness of our body’s subtle sensations to bring unknown parts of ourselves and our experiences into the known & the unconscious into consciousness. This has a positive effect on the whole body & mind.


This workshop is designed to support us in slowing down and to deepen our awareness of our bodies and how we move. Inviting the body to rest by yielding to our support, and notice the effect when less effort is needed.


Being present and attentive through the movements can help reduce fatigue, stress and tension in the body. Moving from inner sensation, curiosity, and joy brings us to an inner state of peace, wholeness and wonder.


What we will explore in the Workshop;

  • Guided Somatic movement practice to bring awareness to our bodies
  • Experiencing the support of the ground to help us open into a restful state as we move
  • Skillfully supporting the body without collapsing or pushing, to sense an effortlessness in our practice. More undoing then doing
  • Being conscious of what it feels like to pause between movements
  • Exploring the fluid qualities of the body and to move with the help of gravity
  • Theory and Q&A
  • Guided Meditation, opening into the body as sensation as we rest


This workshop is for everyone, especially if you are experiencing fatigue and stress, or are recovering from injury and feel tension in the body.


Åsa Åhman

Åsa is a certified Rolfer® and yoga teacher and has been working with movement since the 90s. Today she helps individual clients find easier movement and posture with less effort through Rolfing, as well as working with groups with yoga and Rolf Movements. Here you find Åsa’s web page.


Victoria Lilly

Victoria is trained in Somatic Movements & Yoga, and is an iRest certified Meditation teacher. She is continuously deepening her studies in Meditation, Somatic Movement and Psychic Mediumship. Here you find Victoria’s web page.



2 oktober

Dag: Lördag

Tid: 12:00-15:00

Lärare: Victoria Lilly, Åsa Åhman

Pris: 500 kr

Antal kurstillfällen: 1 

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