Yin Yoga Deepening: Water

The theory of Wu Jing or Five Phases originate fromTradition Chinese Medicine (TCM). By observing nature and the cycladic patterns of birth, growth, transformation and death, all things are said to flow through these five phases. The seasons, climate, colors, emotions, internal organs and the health of our bodies can all be divided and organized into these elements. The five phases are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.


Winter is associated with the phase of water. Winter is the most Yin time of the year. It is a time when nature becomes still and life slows down. The trees and plants lose their leaves to conserve their resources and water freezes. Following nature’s example, we can use this season to pause, create space and allow more time for self reflection and contemplation. Winter can be an invitation for us to also rest and replenish.


The organs governed by the water phase are the kidney and urinary bladder system. In TCM, the kidneys store our essence – our reservoir for energy and vitality. Today’s Yin yoga class will focus on stimulating the energetic systems of the kidney and urinary bladder. We will begin with meditation and end with a discussion of how we can bring more balance and harmony to our lives.

Elisabeth Welsh


Digging Down the Roots​

Datum: 18 december 2022

Dag: Söndag

Tid: 12.00-14.30

Plats: Sigtunagatan 8

Lärare: Elizabeth Welsh

Pris: 450 kr

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