Yinyoga / Restorative yoga


Active presence in stillness Yin yoga is a calmer form av yoga. Inspired from the taoistic philosphy, where yin and yang are seen as two opposite qualities that both are needed to achieve complete balance. Today most forms of yoga are of more yang quality, where muscles, movement and dynamics are building both energy and strength for the practioner. Yin yoga is a more passive form of yoga where the positions most often are seated or horizontal. We take a pose (mostly sitting or lying down) and search for the appropriate edge where it feels interesting to stay and investigate, we allow the body to become completely still and give time (3-8 min). The muscles in the body gets starts to relax and we get the opportunity to go deeper in and soften up the ligaments and soft tissue around our joints, bones and organs. We increase our mobility and our flow of energy in the body. So in stillness we explore what is moving inside. We use our breath to guide our attention where it needs to go at this moment. We rest in a neutral mind, without judging or changing anything. Allowing everything to be as it is. A healing practice where we with acceptance and patience can receive unconditional love from deep inside ourselves. We balance our physical body and make our selves more aware of our subtle body. Yin yoga is an important complement to other more dynamic forms of yoga and to the fast life outside our yoga mats.

Restorative yoga

Through the support of props, restorative yoga includes postures which promote deep relaxation. When we take time to rest, we nourish our body’s organs and immune system, improving functions that are disturbed by stress. It helps to alleviate issues with digestion, fertility, anxiety, blood pressure, insomnia and general tension, amongst others. Unlike during some stages of sleep, the practice of restorative yoga facilitates a quiet mind and fully relaxed body, creating space for healing and generating a deep sense of calm. Each class includes only a few poses and most are held for around 15 minutes, allowing the body the time it needs to fully relax. With inspiration from the teachings of Judith Hanson Lasater, each session aims to provide the student with the conditions to experience postures with support, fostering ease, stillness and openness.

Yinyogalärarutbildning Stockholm


Sarah Jonsson

Restorative Yoga

Datum: 16 januari – 12 juni

Dag: Måndagar

Tid: 15:45 – 17:00

Lärare: Sarah Johnsson

Pris: 4410 kr

Antal kurstillfällen: 21 gånger

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Sandra Yoga Hatha

Yinyoga fredagar

Datum: 20 januari – 16 juni

Dag: Fredagar

Tid: 16:00 – 17:15

Lärare: Sandra Wijkman Donovan

Pris: 4410 kr

Antal kurstillfällen: 21 gånger

Klassen hålls på engelska.

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Yoniyoga Stockholm

Yinyoga söndagar

Datum: 22 januari – 18 juni

Dag: Söndagar

Tid: 17:45 – 19:15

Lärare: Cinna Brahme

Pris: 4620 kr

Antal kurstillfällen: 21 gånger

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